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Hello! We decided develop a free IIS website and share with DarksTeam forum members. There are only PHP websites are developed for mu online servers. There are advantages and disadvantages between PHP and IIS web applications. You don't need to set up a PHP server for this web application. You can just install IIS in your VPS/Dedicated server and install microsoft .NET packages to latest version available. You can also take free support for that all from your hosting company to be able to run this website.

This website is coded in C# programming language in codebehind and can be used for harmful purposes. We share our source codes with DarksTeam on this case and please beware of any copies of our website project out of and this topic. Because traps and holes can be located inside the codebehind and you never know how they explode you.

I always made my private mu server websites by myself and never had hack issue before. It's very weak with available modules at start and we will improve them upon server owners who uses our web application. You can post here any bug report and contact us for new modules requests.

MuWeb 1.0M (0.99.60/62T)

MuWeb 0.97d+99i

This website is compatible with non-md5 databases only.
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