ConnectServer 97D 2020

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| 网页链接 = TCP Port
ConnectServerPortUDP = UTP Port
MaxUserConnectionTime = is the time you want the users to be in the login is in MS so they do the calculation to know in how many seconds 1000MS = 1S equals
MaxIpConnection = are the maximum connections that an IP can make simultaneously

Code = Server Code of the GS
Version = Version for which the Connect Server is Adapted (Version 1 = 97D -> 99B | Version 2 = Season 1 -> Season 8 | Version 3 = Season 9 -> Season 13)
Passive = Passive Server GS -> ONLY SEASON 9 up, Normal GS do not have this functionality programmed so ignore it
IP = IP of the NETWORK where GS is located
Port = Communication port that will be used to connect to the GS
Visible = here they will enter 1 if they want the server to be seen in the server selection or 0 if not
Name = server name
| 网页链接

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